Our goal is to see you smile and provide a visual love story for you to reflect on later. 

Revoy Reflections was established in 2018 as a limited liability company by Shelby Revoy. Later, Kimberly Rose Revoy joined in to assist in session success. We are committed to providing quality wedding, couple, and family photographs and fine art prints.

Vision & Mission Statement

We are here to capture loving memories to reflect on later.

We love taking photographs. We have found that photographs are more essential than people tend to realize. We focus on weddings-engagements, family and couple portraits mainly.
Our ideal client is anyone in love. Love is one of the most important emotions in the universe and we love capturing the feeling in photographs.
Contact us if you want to capture some beautiful moments that will last a lifetime!

“Photography is personal. Make everything you do personal, then you will do so with passion.”

Upcoming Events

Smartphone Photography Classes

Samsung and iPhone users alike! I would love to show you a few tips and tricks to taking better photographs at home with your smartphone. We will cover lighting, compositions, and more. Sign up today!

My course usually costs $25.

In collaboration with the Hand Crafted Collective, we will be offering Smartphone Photography Classes. Starting with the basics.

Book now for the class every other Friday starting June 10th. The class will start at 5 pm and run until 6 pm.

Reach out if you have any questions!