Hello all,

Let's talk about embarrassing moments. We shoot a lot of weddings and accidents are bound to happen. Starting with a wedding Kim and I were shooting in Madison. I was photographing the couple when I crouched down, my pants ripped. I knew they were a little tight but I thought they would be okay until they weren't. Luckily the couple and I are close friends and they got a laugh out of it. Plus we were at the point of the shoot where we let the couple have a little moment to themselves. Kim ran back to our hotel to grab me a new pair quickly. It was embarrassing but totally could have been worse!

Another wedding I shot in Eau Claire, I was doing portrait shots of the wedding party and my shoe came untied. I noticed but never stopped to tie the shoe because I wanted to keep the photographs rolling. Well foolish me tripped on my way to taking family portraits so of course, they all saw me. Needless to say I then immediately tied my shoe. It gave the family a good little chuckle too. I made a few jokes about it. I think the only time embarrassing situations are bad, is when I don't handle them with charisma and humor. 

The most recent embarrassing moment was a couple of weekends ago before we walked into a small wedding, Kim's sandal toe ripped right out. This of course was the one time I didn't bring any gaff tape. Gaff tape fixes EVERYTHING for photographers. Luckily we were only a few minutes away from home this time and we always show up early to wedding sessions, so Kim ran home and grabbed a new pair. It definitely wasn't the worst moment but it was a bit inconvenient. 

Thank you for reading,

​Shelby Revoy

Kim's broken sandal.
My face when my pants ripped in Madison.
This photograph was taken moments before my big trip.