Hello all,

Today I want to discuss what equipment I commonly use. Most often the equipment I bring depends on the session. Is it outdoors? Indoors? Are there kids or pets? There are a lot of variables to consider in choosing your equipment, so I will lead with the items I bring every time no matter what.

I ALWAYS have:

A camera body (duh).

Extra SD Cards 64GB or greater. 

Extra Batteries, two of them at least.

A pen.

Business Cards.

An extra lens cap and back. 

A portable charger. 

Lens cleaning tools.

Weddings are the events I use the majority of my equipment for.

​Here is what I bring:

  • My Canon R6.
  • Two 256 GB memory cards.
  • 24mm-70mm lens.
  • 70mm-300mm lens.
  • 16mm-35mm lens. 
  • An external flash.
  • At least one studio light.
  • Gaff Tape.
  • Minor props like glitter. 

The other items I have that I do not always bring are my 50mm lens, Lum Cubes, backdrops, tripods, a reflector, and additional camera bodies. 

​What do you carry with you?