Hello all, 

Let's talk pets! Since I was a kid I was taking photographs of and with my pets. Much like kids it can be a challenge sometimes. Dogs and cats move a lot, they sometimes are scared of the camera, and often are overjoyed to have company.  

For a great photograph of your pet, let them be in their safe place. At home, in the stable or just the backyard can be best depending on your pet. My dog Missy loves the dog park, the backyard and especially water! My two cats on the other hand enjoy lounging on the couch or in their cat bed. It is best to photograph them at their happiest and comfiest. If you want a portrait with your pet, come to them rather than disturbing their safe space. 

When I photograph a client's pets I am very cautious. I confirm with the client, the pet likes and dislikes. I let them smell my hand and the camera first, often I get down to their level so they don't have to feel worried about me. It's all about showing them some genuine attention and being patient. It also helps to interact with kind conversation with the owner. 

In cases where the pet is disabled, it is VERY important to understand the disability and know how to work with the pet safely. There is a horse named Misty who is blind in one eye and if she doesn't see you approach her on the correct side she gets spooked. That was very important for me to know when I photographed her. 

Always be kind, patient, and considerate just as you would for a friend.

Happy National Dog Day on Saturday!

Thanks for reading,

​Shelby Revoy