Hello all,

Welcome to the blog if you're new to Revoy Reflections! 

I thought I would kick it off with our origin story. 

Let's start all the way back to when I was eight years old. My dad bought my mom a Canon DSLR camera, and she loved it. I was her favorite model of course. I watched my mom take pictures and share them. I experienced how happy the photos made other people. That made me fall in love with this form of Art. To fast forward a bit I turned twelve years old and my parents bought me a small blue Canon point & shoot camera. I took pictures of everything! It started as a hobby, then really grew into something that really impacted my life. I was a student photographer in high school, then once I went to college I kept up and started to teach myself about editing software. I graduated with my business degree then I opened Revoy Reflections shortly after. 

​Some ask me where the name came from and why. I chose Revoy because of my grandparents on my mom's side. They always inspired me to be hardworking and devoted. Photography is my devotion and I have worked hard to grow my business. Reflections come from the practice that a small mirror in the camera is digitizing into an image. Every photograph is a reflection of what is in front of you.  

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people look at something I took a photograph of and smile. That is why I started and that is why I keep going.

Thank you for reading!