Why does it cost so much?

Pricing is based on my experience, style, equipment, knowledge, length of the session, length of editing time, and session location.

Do you offer packages?

​We do! See our Wedding-Elopement Page.
WARNING: This does normally result in a large number of images delivered. If you prefer we pick a certain number and deliver only that many, that is an option with notice.

How do I get prints of my images?

We sit down together and go over exactly what you are looking for. I give you a price estimate. Then I make the order.

How much is a consultation?

Consultations are free!
However, this is also when we collect any required deposits.

How long do sessions take?

Wedding Photography usually last the entire day.
Couple's Portraits take about an hour and a half.
Family's Portraits take approximately one to two hours.
Professional Portraits take about an hour and a half.
Concerts, Group, & Other events last around eight to ten hours.
Pet Portraits take around an hour.
Product Photography takes about an hour.

What are my payment options?

We accept major credit cards, checks, or cash.
There is a card processing fee and tax fee with credit card payments.
Deposits are required for large events including but not limited to weddings, and concerts. Deposits are non-refundable.

How does the cost change if my session lasts longer then planned?

An additional cost is $100 per hour. If the session is between half an hour the incurred cost will be $50 in addition to the original session expense.​

How do I reschedule?

Please contact us at least 48 hours prior to your session.

How far do you travel?

We stick to locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Depending on availability we may travel around the U.S.

Why do print businesses ask for a copyright release?

Revoy Reflections always owns the copyright to the images simply because we physically took the photographs. However, we do give the client a copyright release form allowing their usage of the images.