Since I work on location, I want to talk more about where I like to plan the sessions and what I use for these sessions. I tend to cater to a variety of photography niches. This enables me to gain a great deal of experience. I also get the perk of meeting more people. I will break this down by each type of service I offer. 

Weddings Photography

Location: Usually a chapel, or outdoor wedding venue. I prefer to shoot by water or by woods. 

Props: Glitter, confetti poppers, silly string, smoke bombs, sometimes an old chair. 

Couple & Engagement Portraits

Locations: Usually I prefer outdoor venues, on occasions like valentine's day I do studio backgrounds. 

Props: Glitter, confetti poppers, having clients write sentimental notes, have the client bring rings or anything that was significant to their relationship.

Family Portraits

Locations: Outdoor venues are good, a park helps kids stay happy and make for good candid's. Occasionally studio portraits for special events.

​Props: Glitter, chairs, blankets, teddies, silly string, flowers.

Professional Portraits

Locations: Mainly in studio space with a plain backdrop. If they have access to an office or their work environment I prefer to do some shots there. Some clients request outdoor venues so I stick to woods. 

​Props: a reflector to control light, sometimes studio lighting.

Concerts & Public Events

Locations: Wherever the event is usually a big venue and sometimes an outdoor venue. 

​Props: None usually these shots are very candid. 

Pet Portraits

Locations: The client's home usually, otherwise I suggest a park. I prefer to photograph pets in their naturally relaxed state.

​Props: Treats, sometimes toys.

Product Photography

Locations: Studio or wherever the product is used, in-action photos are good. 

​Props: Water, ice, lighting, charms, candy, glitter, sand.

These are the props I use and where I tend to have sessions. Leave a comment if you have other suggestions or thoughts.